Reply To: Taylor and jetstream (live video)


Jetstream and Fortify are the best solution to start an MVP.

The way how we can enable/disable some features from the config is great because it’s simple and it works as it should.

If you want a custom login implementation you can search on Github because there are lots of custom modules.

I don’t understand where all this hate comes from. Taylor solved a simple problem which wasn’t addressed by other PHP frameworks. And Jetstream + Fortify are just two modules, Laravel 8 is great.

My favorite Laravel 8 feature was added in Laravel 8.7 ( []( ). I’m talking about: **Add Per Hour and Per Day Constructors.** As an API creator, I confirm that I’m looking for a Per Month constructor, so I’ll be able to make some licenses that will allow me to restrict API calls on a monthly base.


Many developers rely on Laravel/UI, please don’t remove the support for it. Because the readme is kind of scary right now:

`This project should no longer be used on new Laravel projects. Please use` [`Laravel Jetstream`]( `instead.`