Reply To: Host a Laravel 8 App on AWS with CI/CD, SSH, DB, Crons, Email, Logs, Domain, and SSL


Hey guys,

A few months back, I made a tutorial about how to host a Laravel app on AWS Elastic Beanstsalk. I received a lot of questions and so I updated the video to include pretty much everything you would need to get a Laravel app up and running on EB, including CI/CD with CodeCommit and CodePipeline, SSH key generation and IAM connection, DB connection, migrations, and daily backups, logs saved to CloudWatch, email setup, domain registration from a third party, SSL certificate creation and forced HTTPS. I initially had some trouble doing some of these things and saw that there wasn’t that much material out there to help. So, I hope this helps someone out there! Of course, if you have any tips or tricks on how to improve the video, or would like to see other content, let me know 🙂