Reply To: I’m going to learn PHP


> hey, what is best addvice to me? i know html,css , which i learned age of 15

HTML and CSS are markup languages, not programming language. You are gonna learn another paradigm of programming with PHP, but I can resume that in one line: send apples, receive an apple pie inside a box.

> what can you tell me, where can i begin learn of php?

I’m gonna point out the obvious: [The PHP Practitioner

If you like Laracast, don’t be shy and put a couple of bucks.

> Should i learn every time new release and old knowledge unused?

This is a good opportunity to tell you about [Semantic Versioning]( PHP language mostly doesn’t change, but adds things. Changes are only present on some minor details, but those using precisely those minor details can break their apps. For example, this is totally different between PHP 8 and 7.4:

// PHP 7.4 and below: 47
echo 35 + 7 . ‘.’ . 0 + 5;

// PHP 8.0 and later: 42.5
echo 35 + 7 . ‘.’ . 0 + 5;

— [Source](

That kind of picky details. So no, new versions adds up. You don’t need to forget everything everytime a new version comes out. Just be sure to check what breaking changes are introduced.

Now, PHP is a very easy language to learn. It “protects” you from some programming paradigms, like memory management and concurrency, since in essence is a _interpreted language_. You don’t have to “compile” a binary, you will have a PHP runtime that will interpret and execute the code for you.

Once you get a grasp of how PHP works, you can go for a PHP Framework.