Reply To: Considering PHP


Former occasional Django dev who now uses Laravel here.

I always intended to go the Django route, but there wasn’t much call for it where I live so my first couple of jobs were PHP-focused, largely using CodeIgniter, which was a pain in the proverbial. In my second role I built Phonegap apps and for my first one I used CodeIgniter for the backend, and it wasn’t a great fit, so for subsequent apps I used Django, first with Tastypie for the API, then Django REST Framework. I wound up having to use CodeIgniter for a website in 2013 and it was a nightmare and I swore never to use it again, but wound up having to when we forked the 2013 one as the basis of a new one for the same client in 2014.

Laravel was the first PHP framework I used that gave me an experience that was comparable in quality to Django. In 2015 I used it for a project, and based on my experience we chose to standardise future development on Laravel rather than using the mix of Django and CodeIgniter we’d been using before. Ever since then practically every greenfield project I’ve created has used Laravel, and I’ve never had cause to regret it. There’s a good reason why much of the prior CodeIgniter community jumped ship to Laravel.

If you already know React I’m not sure it’s worth jumping to Vue AND Laravel at the same time. I’ve used React many times with Laravel without issue – there’s a preset for it. If you want to learn Vue, obviously go ahead, but you don’t have to consider Vue and Laravel as some kind of monolith and learning both at the same time will obviously be more demanding.