A nice succinct description of the differences between the hosted blogging platform at WordPress.com and the CMS available at WordPress.org

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    I would like a community-sourced description between differences between WordPress the CMS and WordPress.com the blogging SaaS/platform.

    I would like the assistance of members here to come up with a brief description that someone new to WordPress can read and get a full understanding as to why they can’t install Visual Composer on their *my-cool-site.wordpress.com* blog.

    Today, I have noticed quite a few post with newcomers having difficulties with their wordpress.com blog and a premium theme or plugin.

    Ideally this will be added to the sidebar and/or wiki.






    WordPress.com is https://reddit.com/r/gonemild. You can only take it so far.

    WordPress.org is https://reddit.com/r/gonewild. Go as far as you feel comfortable.




    Did you just ask the Reddit community to type good content for your website?

    > Ideally this will be added to the sidebar and/or wiki.

    I have a lot of blogs. I could really do with staff from Automattic chipping in with detailed descriptions of various aspects of WP for me.

    > Hi there! I work for Automattic, parent company of WordPress.com, so I have some experience at explaining this. 🙂

    You get points for trying that is for sure!


    Is there any sort of WordPress sub strictly for developers?

    Like one that doesn’t even mention WordPress.com?


    Contact me I can get you a better price, only if you are serious


    .com is your backyard, but .org is The Theme Park. Go crazy.


    The most recent plugin vulnerability was a plugin with 300,000 users. So when I think about the new WordPress users about to begin their WP journey I instantly think about their site’s security. I think about the lack of information in the form of advice during the process of choosing a hosting package, doing the one-click install and then installing plugins for fun.

    I really feel that a comparison between WordPress.com and a self-hosted site (WordPress.org) should emphasize security. Realistically a new WP installation aiming to offer e-commerce services will need to have an SSL certificate and we didn’t have to say that until recently. So there are new costs and new WP adventurers should get serious about those costs and now much they are willing to invest.

    I don’t want to go on and on. But I would consider ending any comparison with a link to a multiple-step form that establishes what people aim to do with WP. The final step would give them recommendations on not just self-hosting or WordPress.com but which *type* of plugins and themes they should search for. For this to work the process would need to ask them to enter their budget and the process should be realistic. This, in my opinion would be a responsible step for the WP developer community to take when handling the flow of notices.


    I found this which might be useful


    Wordpress.com is a free way to launch your blog or website.
    One can start its blogging carrier without paying a single penny.
    There is no need to buy hosting server or any custom domain.
    Everything is under the wordpress.com.

    However, it is free but there are some disadvantages like…
    1. You can’t remove the wordpress.com from your name. Means you can’t customize domain name. Your domain looks like ‘www.xxxx.wordpress.com

    2. You can’t upload a large file on wordpress.com server.(only 2MB at a time)

    3. Limited access to advance features of wordpress.org

    4. You are not responsible for any damage arising.

    If I talk about wordpress.org, then you need to invest some money to buy your own hosting space. It resembles like your own house. So here you are responsible for any damage arising.

    1. Customizable domain name.
    2. upload up to 64 MB file at a time.
    3. More flexible.
    4. Unlimited themes and plugins.

    So, i can say both have their own pros and cons.


    **WordPress.org** is the self-hosted option, and it allows you to install the site on any website hosting service you want. Moreover, you can easily install as many WordPress themes as you want here. This includes free and paid themes too. WordPress.org allows you to install plugins too, regardless of their nature or price.

    **WordPress.com** can be installed and used free of charge. It doesn’t allow you to install plugins and it has limited theme support. It means the customization options are pretty limited here, which can be quite the issue for a lot of people. If you opt for the free WordPress.com account, you won’t have to pay for the service, but you will have limited monetization and branding, which can be a bit problematic. Paying for your own domain is a possibility, but you don’t have to worry about hosting as that is handled by WordPress.com.



    Why would ANYONE want the wordpress. in front of their blog. If you were broke and out of work, it may be a fun thing to do. But .com does not provide a good environment for developers and has MANY limitations outside of simple blogging platform.

    W.org is the repository for free themes and plugins. It does not support hosting and you need your own host and domain to create a WordPress based website.

    w.org is basically a resource and w.com is a place to host albeit blogs.

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