advise on multi-vendor system, WCFM or woocommerce-product-vendor ?

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    I am looking to build a multivendor system, am looking at the WCFM, Dokan and woocommerce-product-vendors, I would like to know some advise if anyone has experienced on these plugins, because they all very big, takes lots times to learn .

    from my own point of view, I would prefer to use the woocommerce-product-vendor, because its from woocommerce, I will expect it will continue to develop and improve for the long term future. but by looking at the comparation from WCFM here []( , it seems the woocommerce-product-vendor is far far behind the WCFM, even behind the Dokan, its a diffcult decision, I guess everyone has different opinions, please share your experiences, thanks


    I’ve used wcfm and product vendors. My experience is that product vendors seemed extremely rigid in comparison!

    Wcfm has loads more options and possibilities, but there’s also a fair bit of broken English which irks me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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