AMA with the PhpStorm team from JetBrains, on October 8, at 12:00 pm UTC

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    **EDIT**: *Many thanks to everyone who took part in the AMA session! We are no longer answering new questions here, but you can always reach out to us on* [*Twitter*](*, via a* [*support ticket*](*, and on our* [*issue tracker*](*.*

    Hi r/PHP! We, the PhpStorm team, are excited to announce our first-ever AMA – Ask Me Anything session.

    If you’ve never heard of PhpStorm, it is a PHP IDE by JetBrains. It comes with out-of-the-box support for lots of popular technologies and has everything you need to develop with PHP and JS inside it. More information is available on [our website](

    We’ll start answering your questions at 12 pm UTC, on October 8, and will continue until 5 pm UTC. Check when this is with your local time [here](

    **Please feel free to submit your questions ahead of time.** You can ask us about anything related to PhpStorm, PHP, or JetBrains in general. This thread will be used for both questions and answers.

    Your questions will be answered by:

    * Alexey Gopachenko (PhpStorm Team Lead), u/neuro159
    * Roman Pronskiy (Product Marketing Manager in PhpStorm), u/pronskiy
    * Nikita Popov (PHP core developer in PhpStorm), u/nikic
    * Kirill Smelov (Software Developer in PhpStorm), u/wbars
    * Maxim Kolmakov (QA Engineer in PhpStorm), u/maxal88
    * Artemy Pestretsov (Software Developer in PhpStorm), u/pestretsov
    * Eugene Morozov (Support Engineer in PhpStorm), u/emrzv-jb


    Do you have any interest in building support for popular PHP frameworks into PHPStorm itself? The Symfony plugin still has a number of features that haven’t worked since the release of Symfony 3.3, which is almost 3 years ago.


    Do you plan to release a feature akin to Visual Studio Code’s remote workspaces? I’ve tried pretty much everything, SMB (both ways), PHPStorm’s one way syncing (which works well until you need to sync the other way), running PHPStorm on Linux and running the X11 server on Windows, Unison and more, but nothing is as reliable and seamless.It’s the one and only thing VSC has over PHPStorm, but it’s a big one, I think.

    I’d also like to know if there are plans to support advanced type annotations in docblocks. Things like templates/generics, callback signatures, enums, array keys and more could be described in docblocks, just like we annotated types using PHPDoc syntax before PHP7 came around and made it part of the language. The added type safety could then be used to make even better suggestions and to find more errors using code inspection.


    is /u/nikic a robot, like we all think he is?


    What are some hidden “gems” in PHPStorm you shouldn’t miss out on?


    Why is PHP not a SDK in the IntelliJ module config like Java, Python and Ruby?


    thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for announcing the start time in UTC, it’s sad it’s so rare


    Thank you all for working on a really good PHP IDE and also PHP in general, your work on the language makes it relevant nowadays and that also makes me relevant as a developer.

    If i could ask, what are your own “unfulfilled wishes” so to speak, in terms of PHP language? What are the things that you are willing to see implemented into the language the most?


    How do you decide what features go into PhpStorm?


    A question for Nikita, sorry it’s _that_ topic again: generics and your research on them. You’ve made some implementation notes here

    You said the monomorphized generics would add too much performance overhead, and reified generics require _many_ changes across the whole codebase. There hasn’t been much feedback on your GitHub issues. Has there been behind the scenes conversations about this, or is this it? Have you considered runtime erased generics like Python does?


    In Moodle SQL table names almost always have a configurable prefix (per default it is “mdl_”). When writing SQL statements manually this can be written as “SELECT * FROM {user}” and is translated to “SELECT * FROM mdl_user” before execution.

    To avoid false positives, I have to turn the inspection “SQL/Unresolved reference” off and miss those helpful checks…

    Can you please **add a project config setting “SQL table prefix”** which turns “{user}” into “prefix_user” before checking?

    Thanks. (heave user of PhpStorm with 2 licenses)


    My question isn’t per se about PhPStorm but more about the JetBrains IDE’s (since they seem to be based on the same software).

    It really baffles me sometimes when I see absolut master pieces of code and software. But you guys are doing it on a meta level:
    Absolut amazing code which allows us to programm!

    – What language are the JetBrains IDE’s programmed in?
    – What environment do you have?
    – How big are the teams of the different IDE’s?


    Does the Jetbrains team plan on creating a tutorial/course on building extensions for its IDEs? Cannot find much material out there.

    u/pronskiy u/neuro159 u/emrzv-jb


    When can we expect native “advanced phpdoc (psalm / phpstan compatible) syntax” support ?I know there have been a bunch of open issues …

    Right now, auto-completion doesn’t work with advanced phpdoc syntax

    /** Collection<int, Foo> */
    private $foos;

    foreach ($this->foos as $foo) {
    // $foo is not inferred correctly

    Same goes with template annotations (generics)


    What are your plans on Linux and Wayland? Currently the experience is pretty poor on laptops with 4K displays due to limitations in Xwayland. I realise the JavaFX platform not having wayland support might be a limiting factor here.

    I know it’s not exactly a phpstorm specific question but the wider intellij platform. I use 4 of your IDEs, including phpstorm.

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