Anyone using Newspaper Theme? I Need Help!

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    I’ve been using a Newspaper theme for a while, but the Speed and Number of Requests are going up. Can anyone suggest to me how to optimize the theme?


    1. Reduce the number of modules you use on the homepage and archive pages. Newspaper theme is heavy on ajax requests.
    2. Optimize your images.
    3. Look at the Newspaper settings and deactivate the image sizes you don’t use.
    4. Consider your host. Newspaper is resource-heavy.
    5. Test with GTmetrix and follow the recommendations in the waterfall section.
    6. Lastly, switch to a faster theme. I sold my Newspaper license and moved to GeneratePress.


    Before you throw in the towel (and invest more $$), be sure you look at:

    1) Quality image optimization – I only use Smush (paid)

    2) A good cache plugin

    3) Your website host – the difference in hosting companies can make all the difference in your results – no matter what theme you use

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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