Best resources to learn the language?

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    I hear that a lot of the resources are outdated, so I’m looking for help determining what are some good resources available?

    I’ve seen Laracasts mentioned a lot, is it good and modern? and what are the alternatives? thank you.


    Do you have any programming experience at all or are you coming into this without having learned another language first?


    For general PHP:

    PHP Docs: [](
    PHP The Right Way: [](


    For intermediate to advanced, my book 🙂 : [](


    For the core PHP language and standard library I use almost only [](

    At this day and age use a framework, and the most popular is Laravel. Also for that the main site is the best IMO: [](

    Other great info sources:

    Source code (examples, libraries etc): [](

    Browser stuff (HTML, CSS, JavaScript): [](, [](

    Mileage may vary, IMO etc, but I personally find videos useless for learning programming. Copyable text with code samples and reference links is much better: Absorb at your own speed. Save links so you can quickly go back to important points. While learning I often copy in main points as comments until I know what I’m doing.


    Well it all depends on what your goal is. If it is to build a framework from scratch, or you are doing a comparison between language agnostics, or creating your own standalone PHP package then and the opensource GitHub packages are a good place to start.

    Since you mentioned laracasts I am assuming that you want to learn how to build a modern web application in PHP and that you want to know what the best way is.

    To answer that question: well, it depends on what your background is and what languages concepts you were already familiar with.

    Laracasts is a good place to start for learning how to build modern PHP web applications on the laravel framework. There is also Symfony which is quite popular but has a steeper learning curve then laravel.


    The best resource to learn PHP is going through PHP official documentation and doing hands on each topic, especially OOP. The only issue with PHP official documentation it is not that visually appealing, but it has good examples and comments.
    Then later you can move to any framework like laravel.
    Best way to learn is to build something and you will definitely learn in efficient way.


    Codecourse’s PHP section.
    There is also a ton of other learning materials on other languages.
    From the best instructor/teacher I have found through the years, his name is Alex Garrett-Smith, founder of Codecourse.
    I have been a programmer myself for 13 years.
    Among other things Alex helped me comprehend how Object Oriented Programming worked and it helped me take on of my projects and make it in OOP.


    In the following order (ps: you don’t need to pay, the videos are 100% transcribed under the video and you can just as well read along). This is the best tutorials on general PHP jumping point I’ve ever seen, and it’s not involving any framework yet, even though it’s hosted on symfonycasts.









    Then API & Testing and maybe fontend


    I wouldn’t choose PHP as a language to learn at all in the last 10 years or so. Python community is where the good stuff happens, or even NodeJS. PHP is old and not very scalable.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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