Can I use two plugins who do the same thing ?

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    Hey guys. I hope you all are doing well, my question is that I have installed both perfmattere and wp rocket. Both of these plugins have some settings that overlap. For example, I can controll heart moniter, javascript query in both plugins.
    What am I supposed to do in this case ? Should I enable the option I’m interested in implementing on both or just utilize one ?
    Thank you.


    It’s typically a bad idea to have plugin functionality overlap, which can be fairly common if you’re using multiple optimization/caching plugins. I’d suggest either just going with one of the two you listed, but if you actually have the granular control that you listed, just let one plugin handle it and turn those features off on the other one.

    It’s unlikely that leaving heartbeat monitor or JS query settings on for both of them will have any negative effects, but you never know and it’s easier to save yourself the headache trying to troubleshoot in the long run.


    You can..but it’s not recommended. It may even cause more damage than you might think


    The plugins have a lot of overlapping functionality so both aren’t needed. I’d pick your favorite of the two and run that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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