[Discussion] Do you prefer Beaver Builder or Elementor?

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    My renewal is coming up soon for BeaverBuilder.

    Does anyone here have experience with either?
    Any pros or cons?

    Anyone think Elementor pages is faster than Beaver pages?

    Is Beaver old now and Elmentor the new king?


    It’s a toss-up between stability and features.

    Elementor is more feature rich and they introduced new functionalities at a much faster pace. It makes it relatively unstable but it’s easy to deal with by not chasing after the latest and greatest release and doing backups prior to updating, etc. It is generally more cheaper for many sites.

    BeaverBuilder is slow and steady in releases. So it’s perceived as more stable. Support is great.

    Elementor is definitely more popular and had a lot more installed base (5 million vs 300K). So it is expected that their support is unable to provide the same level of support as BeaverBuilder. Having said that, Elementor has a great community of users who are helpful in dealing with most issues (Facebook and here on reddit).

    Personally, I prefer Elementor for the main reason that has most of all I want to create stunning sites. My two cents …


    [Beaver Builder and Elementor](https://www.kasareviews.com/beaver-builder-vs-elementor-comparison/) are one of the best WordPress page builders available. Elementor’s number of available templates and elements is impressive while Beaver Builder tries to keep it simple, yet still meets the need of every web design user.

    Each product will undoubtedly continue to evolve and improve. I personally, like Elementor more. But that is just a personal preference.


    I recently used Brizy. It is impressive plus i think it has a LTD going on.

    Please also check Qubely which which seamlessly works with Gutenverg. they have an aapsumo LTD running.

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