[DISCUSSION] Set of WordPress plugins to get 100/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights

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    Honestly, I spent months if not years on WordPress site optimizations. Idk why, but I like to make numbers green up to the 100/100 perfection.

    With fast and light Theme + special set of performance plugins + Cloudflare on good hosting with the right setup it is possible to get this ( my screenshot):

    However, after some time with the addition of many plugins and ads, the score will definitely be lower. The main problem is adseAdSensense ads, it slows down things too much, I don’t know what to do with it.

    If somebody found how to fix website speed with adsAdsenseense enabled, please share with me 🙂

    But anyway, promising theme and set of plugins:



    1. **WP Rocket**


    Free version/ Pro price: $49 a year.The best WordPress performance plugin. I tested all. At least at pro version, which is only $49 a year, cheap for such a plugin.


    Free alternative:

    **Litespeed cache plugin** – very good plugin too. With the right hands, it may be even better. Here is a screenshot of my 2-year-old site FULL of content and other plugins, still flies:

    **2) WP Smush Pro Version 3.6.3**Free version/ Pro price: $49 a month

    Reduce image file sizes, improve performance, and boost your SEO using the WPMU DEV WordPress Smush API.


    Free alternative:

    **Webcraftic Robin image optimizer** + **WebP Converter for Media**

    That’s all! You don’t need many plugins, it will only overload your website.

    The most important thing is the theme because I didn’t find a good alternative yet.

    **THEME – Astra**


    In terms of performance, it is the best theme I tested. It is very simple and suits all blog-style websites.

    You can use both paid or free theme, but do not enable all PRO functions if you go PRO. Only what you need.

    It may look very basic when you install it, but it is highly customizable.

    Example of very different websites, all with Astra theme:





    P.S. Firstly my post wasn’t approved, so I decided to write a longer post and publish it on my website, so the morning would not be wasted. But now I see I just didn’t add a proper tag. But the article already was written, so if you want to read a more detailed version, it is here:



    1. Litespeed can’t ve an alternative to WP Rocket unless you’re on a Litespeed server. The caching functionality won’t work on other servers.
    2. Shortpixel is a much better alternative to Smush, even the free version.
    3. On your blog, you give iPage hosting(an EIG company) a 4.5 star rating. Sorry, I don’t trust you or your skills.


    Thanks for info, I will try


    Come join r/sitespeed!

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