[DISCUSSION] Which plugin do you use for displaying related posts and where do you show them?

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    I am looking for related posts plugin because, currently, I don’t show related posts except adding internal links in the content and latest posts in the sidebar.

    I would like a plugin that has a popup option and some kind of statistics so that I can check if related posts are clicked and to test which position works best. I want to test to know is it better performing -to put after content, before content, as a popup, after N paragraph, etc.

    I know most put it after content but we all know that people rarely scroll to the end. According to my Google Analytics my site visitors on average scroll to 45% of the content. But I do have long articles up to 4000 words so it is understandable. Because of that, it doesn’t seem good to put related posts after content.

    I have gone through various articles with lists of best-related posts plugins and test a few of them but neither is exactly what I would like.

    I liked [WordPress Related Posts Plugin – AddThis](https://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis-related-posts/) that has everything I would like and even has a special mobile-friendly feature for showing related posts. But the plugin is not updated for more than 1 year so it is obviously an abandoned project.

    Which related posts plugin do you use and where do you put related posts? Does it affect your site speed? Do you use images in related posts or only the post titles?


    I’m trying JetEngine from Crocoblock (hello theme /elementor) and I really like the controle it gives on how to display content and what content to show. Depending on the type of page we show either in a sidebar or at the bottom. Tracking is through GTM.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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