Embedding PHP script’s code into Theme not working

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    I purchased a PHP script called Cleanto to add to a page on my website for online booking. My website uses the Cleanix theme. I tried embedding the code provided for the online booking but it doesn’t work and just shows the code I’ve inserted on the page in text form. I’ve tried using the <HTML> option in Elementor as well as inserting a code block in WordPress editor and neither work. The admin said it is something with my theme layout. Any suggestions for getting the online booking form to display on a page for my website? Thanks!


    Try something like: https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-php-code-snippet/

    Wordpress doesn’t, by default, allow you to run PHP code in a page, so you’ll need a plugin like the above (or access to and the ability to edit your theme’s template files).


    you cant embed PHP into HTML.

    PHP is run serverside and generates your HTML. You need to touch the actual PHP files or somehow embed it through a third party plugin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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