Fully Automate WordPress With This Software – Install WP, Add Plugins/Themes and even Content!

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    [ARGO content](https://argo-content.com/wordpress-auto-blog/) is equipped with a feature that allows you to remotely control WordPress installs. With the CMS posting mode, you can create multiple blogs, fully configured. WordPress automation on steroids!
    Here are the main features:

    **– configure general settings, permalinks, widgets and themes**
    **– easily installs and activates new themes**
    **– create (synonymized) posts or pages**
    **– keywords and tags randomly selected from files**
    **– include images and video within posts or pages**
    **– automatic interlinking**
    **– automatic plugin installation from a list of plugins**
    **– automatic wordpress update on unlimited amount of wp-installs**
    **– automatic server side wordpress installation in < 1min**
    **– mass mode – posting to multiple sites at once**
    **– article mode – post articles to either a single blog or a list of blogs.**
    **– scheduler to create posts after a defined amount of time**
    **– scheduled timed posts in the future (no need to keep argo running)**
    **– automatically add code (affiliate banner, tracking code etc) into sidebar text widget**
    **– categories creation**
    **– optimized markov and spintax handling**
    **– automatic widget configuration and order**
    **– option to randomized widget order**
    **– HTTP Authentication (htaccess) support**
    **+ much more!**

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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