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    What I’m looking for seems pretty simple. A logged in user (at the Subscriber level) will fill out an online form requesting permission to make a modification to their residence. For example, in an HOA, someone wants to paint their door a different color, or replace their windows, etc.

    What I need is for them to submit the form, have it go to someone for review (and possible discussion), and then accept or deny the application. There might be some middle steps along the way but that is the main gist. Ideally, the steps would be able to be tracked by the end user to see where the application is in the process.

    I see a lot of workflow plugins, but they seem to revolve around publishing content to the site.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


    Have you checked Oasis Workflow Pro. The free version has the basic workflow functionality, but the Pro version has lot many options. Functionality like Auto Submit, External Users and Custom Workflows might work for your needs.

    Check out – https://www.oasisworkflow.com/ and if you think this could be useful, we can discuss your requirements further via a ticket – https://www.oasisworkflow.com/submit-a-query

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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