[HELP] Theatre ticketing plug-in – any recommendations?

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    Greetings fellow Redditors!

    I run a community theatre website (“live theatre” for those in the US, not film/cinema) and we currently use an external provider for booking tickets. We’d really like to bring this in-house but I’m not sure about where to get a good plug-in for ticketing.

    Here are our requirements:

    1. Need to be able to set specific dates and times for shows
    2. Need to have a few tiers of pricing (adult, senior, junior) and customise those
    3. Apply an automatic $n discount per ticket if more than x tickets are booked
    4. It would be really super nice if we could change bookings without having to move heaven and earth if people really need us to (but not to advertise that we are able to do it!)
    5. Ability for theatre members to put in a coupon code to get a discount, but only if they’re booking for certain shows
    6. Right now we don’t have assigned seating, but it’s possible that that might change in the future

    I think that’s it… I’m sure I’ve missed something out though!

    Anyone know of any plug-ins worth investigating, to fulfil these requirements please? Thanks all! Let me know if you need the URL. Cheers.

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