Helping a non-profit and I could use some recommendations

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    Thanks for reading this. I’m volunteering some time to help a non-profit setup some services for their members and while back in the day I’ve written some plug-ins and done a little WP stuff, I’ve mostly done all my own custom programming. However getting back into WP for this project I see there’s been a lot of changes.

    There’s so many options out there now. I’m really looking for some suggestions on how to best do the following tasks (quickly and pain free and low cost as possible):

    * Setup a way to rent assigned spaces (~80 in 3 locations) on a yearly basis (ideally with payments processed with woocommerce they are using). There’s a specific limit and assignment of spaces, including a waiting list.
    * Member fees (there’s a free membership for kids, and paid for adults). Looking at using Paid Membership Pro which integrates with woocommerce.
    * Would like users profiles to show custom fields from these, like the space they rent (if they have one) and their membership level.
    * There’s also a few other things we would like to customize with user profiles like adding waiver form, and ability to upload an additional image.

    I also have some custom things I would like to build and in the past I just wrote the complex functions in a stand-alone php file that I used a PHP script plugin to call which just displayed the results. I found this to be an easy way to manage my code apart from WP. Is this still an acceptable method? Here’s what I’m looking to do:

    * Create 2 database tables based on data pulled from an external site
    * Organize and search tables based on custom sorts
    * Display a limited set of sorted results

    My inclination is to do all the data processing and sorting in separate scripts and just make a few display scripts that get called by WP. Writing a plugin to this seems like unnecessary work. How do most people customize for specific sites now?


    In regards to the custom work – don’t really know what you’re doing but it’s fairly easy to port php scripts and custom tables to wordpress. The upside to doing this is that you don’t have to write additional security scripts to protect those pages – and don’t have write scripts assigning permissions to users to access those pages.
    When I have custom work that requires separate tables I just write a quick plugin that pulls those scripts / tables into WP and displays them. If needed I’ll write a cron that runs all the sql etc. to make display easier.


    Have you looked into toolset? Search for Wp types or toolset should get you there. Cant remember exactly or pods?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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