Is it possible to sell a Theme individually?

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    So we have been on the process to create a WordPress Theme.

    It is a descent work and was hoping to find some audience that would be happy to purchase it.

    Theme forest has a ton of specs and to be honest i think is taking the whole development and performance down, with all the libraries they ask to load etc (i didn’t read all of them but the first pages where a performance disaster).

    I have been advertising for the last few weeks through Facebook and Google Adwords, i have lots of impressions/clicks but no transactions. I am tweaking the Campaigns regularly removing keywords etc, so looks like i should have some results.

    The whole Project is supported by a well established Agency Website, it is solid that we are doing good work and have lots of customers.

    I am not going to advertise my product here i am just curious why there is no interest for people to buy a Theme online from an individual developer, when Themeforest is obviously selling?


    The phrase needle in a haystack springs to mind. People know and trust places like Themeforest who probably have guarantees or whatever to ensure support.

    Of course I can’t speak for your theme but when I am making a website for a client I scroll through places like Themeforest to view a catalogue. I personally wouldn’t trust an ad on social media.

    You could try giving you theme away with the next version being a ‘pro’ version or just create a cutdown free version.

    Finally, people are also short sighted. They can’t imagine potential they need lots of demo sites. Just like when they look at a house they can’t imagine anything they need it staged.

    Is the theme listed in WordPress theme library?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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