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    I started working with wordpress recently and I’d like to know if there is a way to achieve a local environment where I can share it for multiple projects.

    For example, I have 3 websites being developed locally. All these 3 projects have all thos files that wordpress needs. wp-includes, wp-admin and wp-content.

    Is there a way I can share these folders for all the projects instead of having to install all those files for each project?

    3 websites is not that much, but in reallity I maintain 15+ clients, so yeah, it has a bunch of duplicate files..

    I’m using wampserver in my local environment.


    Multisite will allow you to run several sites from a single install of wp.

    Each site will use the same singular wp install with their own separate tables in the database.


    I don’t think it’s a good idea as wp-config has salt keys for different sites that are unique, on session ids,

    WordPress as cms is the same if you use that locally or live.

    The database and the access domains are separate for wp-admin for different sites

    as WordPress multisite is considered all plugins don’t support multisite even the migration plugins don’t support multisite or premium versions could but that’s tougher.

    Wp multisite can’t be separated easily as all sites would be on a single database that’s a major drawback of multisite on WordPress only the Metadata is separated.

    Only you can do is use virtual hosts locally and separate folders for all sites.

    All databases are separated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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