Looking for a multi-user chat plugin for a video feed [HELP]

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    Hi everyone,

    The company I work for is hosting a virtual event, and it will probably be broadcast via YouTube Live. We want to embed the YouTube Live feed on our website (which I do not think will be a problem, but I am researching it) and we’d like to have a live chat on the website for the attendees. I’m aware that YouTube Live features a chat function, but I do not believe that it can be functionally embedded on another website; just the video feed is available for embedding.

    I’ve been looking into chat plugins for WordPress but so far most of them seem to be one-to-one chat, such as a website visitor asking a question about a product or service. Does anyone know of a chat that allows multiple simultaneous users? We would like all the video attendees/watchers to be in the same chat and able to communicate with us and each other.

    The plugin doesn’t have to be free; this is a somewhat big event and my company can sink some money into the hosting.

    I’m still experimenting with the options, so if I’ve overlooked something or am wrong about the YouTube Live embedding I don’t mind being told so. However, our YouTube channel is still somewhat new and in development and we don’t qualify yet for the partner program as we don’t have enough content or views.

    Any ideas/suggestions would be more than welcome. Thank you 🙂


    Hi I think Vimeo Business had live stream with chat and polls or I used slido embedded in the past. For polls and Q&A

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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