Looking for something like “Genie” by Bold Themes

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    **I’m looking for something that’s close or has the same characteristics as “Genie” by Bold Themes.** Bold Themes no longer supports or sells Genie, and I’m not comfortable creating a version of it from scratch.


    Several Characteristics I’m looking for:

    * Sticky header w/ menu & social links
    * Featured Slider at the top
    * A widget sidebar on the right of the Archives page, but each post is SINGLE COLUMN with no sidebar
    * I would LOVE if the Archives page had: Full length first post, with previews on the rest of the posts (I know how to do this in code if needed but it’s kind of difficult w/ some themes)
    * Ability to integrate Disqus in the comments sections
    * A beautiful feature image on posts then the main reading section below (demo: [https://genie.bold-themes.com/2014/12/24/are-humans-better-than-other-forms-of-life/](https://genie.bold-themes.com/2014/12/24/are-humans-better-than-other-forms-of-life/))


    ANY suggestions are greatly welcome. Thanks 🙂


    **LINK** to the Genie Classic theme, something around what I’m looking for:


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