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    Hey there!

    This subreddit isn’t meant for help threads, though there’s one exception to the rule: in this thread you can ask anything you want PHP related, someone will probably be able to help you out!


    What are the standard recommended resources for learning PHP for existing programmers?


    Is there some free request risk detecting service out there? I imagine something like sending them the request and they can tell me what shitty scriptkiddo metasploit shit it is? I dont care about privacy since these requests are already blocked/flagged and its clearly a bad guy


    Hey, I’m wondering: Can I set up phpmyadmin using only Apache2, or do I absolutely need to get MAMP? Cause I can’t get my php codes to work, even though Apache2 works, I don’t know how configure it properly!


    Hi, I’m fairly new here. What’s the application of learning php? What kind of careers can I pursue based on this?


    Any recommendations for a tool that helps build custom templates for generating custom PHP code files for a custom framework? It should either be runnable (to generate the code) from VS Code or from the terminal.

    Many frameworks have a “cli” tool where you can ask it to make a new thing for you, a new controller or page or API thingy, and then it generates some new starter files to get you started, possibly just a PHP file with some code that makes it one of those things you asked for. What I want is something that helps me build my own one of these. So basically I’m asking for a combination of PHP template tool that you can use to build your own custom templates and run them from the command line. But I avoided using the word “template” sooner because it conjures thoughts of generating HTML, which is not at all what I am doing. I want to have complete control over what PHP code is generated, as it will not be for any known framework of conform to any known conventions, other than PSR-4.

    I could just build one from scratch, but it seems like there would be something out there already.


    Hey, I recently bought FleetCart for marketing, but problem is in my country medical laws prohibiting placing prices medical products on website. So I want it to make some changes. Removing add to cart buttons, prices, carts, wishlists, price filters, register and login. I mean I just want it to delete that buttons and randomize routes so peoples can’t access it. I tried few thing and doesn’t works and I have no idea what to do


    So, this might be a stupid question:

    Why does Goutte exists?

    I have used it in the past, but I must have never gone source diving. Today I looked and found only this:

    namespace Goutte;

    use SymfonyComponentBrowserKitHttpBrowser;

    class Client extends HttpBrowser


    Has anyone used PHPCR at all?

    It *seems* like an interesting and powerful way to handle content items of multiple types, but it also seems like a lot of overhead. As the maintainer of a legacy custom CMS I wondered if it would be practical to migrate the existing content into PHPCR and if it would be a more flexible solution than what I have now. Right now, each content type has its own table, which makes it difficult to aggregate them.


    Hi! Back to PHP after 10 years! Which tools (linters, analyzers, fixers, plugins etc.) should I get to create for myself the same awesome dev-experience as when working on the frontend? (Preferably within VSCode ecosystem). Thanks!



    Regarding to preloading, I have a few questions that neither your article or the PHP manual really answer :

    1/ is it useful to preload a file that doesn’t contain a class ? Like the files in Laravel’s `bootstrap/cache` folder that are read on every requests ?

    2/ when preloading a file does it *recursively* preload **all** symbols used in it, including extended classes and interfaces, used traits, classes and interface as arguments or return type typehint, instantiated classes, and FQCNs (like `MyClass::class`).
    Example: if I preload Laravel `config/app.php` file (or the cached full config), will it automatically preload all the service providers (and their “dependencies”) ?

    3/ the manual says that using `include` require to load the files in order, but does that mean loading a random file that has “dependencies” not loaded yet will do nothing ?

    Thanks !


    Is this subreddit meant for posting personal projects and asking for feedback on them?


    Has anyone had any experience with KumbiaPHP? My boss wants me to take a look at this framework and probably want to use it in a future project. My boss is not a very technical person and he wants to use this framework because according to benchmarks (Techempower) it is one of the fastest php frameworks. The documentation of KumbiaPHP is mainly in Spanish. I would like to have some feedback from the community if anyone has used it.


    Is it even remotely possible to implement automatic unit / interface testing into an existing application which is not built on any php framework? We use native php for the web app that we are developing – its got to the point in size where it has its own framework by nature, but we are missing any form of formal testing which is currently the biggest bottleneck to how quickly we can ship patches.

    I want to impress my boss by introducing some form of unit and gui testing, but a lot of the codebase is procedural, and a lot of the older code (which is what ~99% of the GUIs are based on) is not only not in classes but uses stuff like

    $var = x;
    $foo = ‘bar’;
    //Interface depending on $var and $foo

    So these interfaces need to be tested to see if the correct form/interface appears for a given user; with the correct fields/values (from the database or data mutated in some form), correct javascript listeners etc. How do I even go about getting started on this? Reading about / trying unit testing and such has not really gotten me anywhere yet but any help would be very welcome!


    Hi guys,

    I am trying to send emails through a sub-domain. Lets call my domain name [](

    I am making the smtp calls to my smtp provider through my admin portal at [](

    Now, when setting up DKIM, DMARC and Custom Bounce Domains. Do I set them up for []( or []( I am using a third-party smtp platform to send the emails like mailgun.


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