PHP-FIG: is effective today?

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    How would you rate effectivity of PHP-FIG today? How many people do you know from this list: []( ?

    Personally, I feel like PHP-FIG is almost dead. Still, there are [many interesting cases]( to work on, but you won’t find discussions there about it.
    The group is under control of ineffective people and existing rules don’t allow to change anything because of huge bureaucracy.

    Mailing list of PHP-FIG is part of the problem: they try to discuss issues about code in the system with very poor UI for sharing it. Format of mailing list allows them to “ignore” uncomfortable questions.

    I remember how I managed to forced them do not copy Symfony EventDispatcher “best practices”, don’t mix up hooks (sync, couple) and events (async, decouple): by pinging famous persons from PHP community in Twitter. So they listen you only if you have many followers on Twitter. Otherwise, they just ignore you and continue to work on meaningless thing like PSR-14 (EventDispatcher). They are trying to copy popular solutions, but they don’t have time to think about these solutions itself.


    I think they’re at the “mission accomplished” stage but haven’t really realized it yet.


    I love PSR-7

    I love PSR-11

    I love PSR-12

    I love PSR-15/17/18

    These things make my life easier.

    In my opinion FIG was very effective.
    Mission accomplished, because many packages use it.

    May it looks like a Framework Scheme, but it is for interoperability.
    That brings the thing itself.

    I can not see a problem.
    It is up to you to use it or not.


    I’m surprised many major projects are *former* members, like Doctrine, Symfony, Laravel, Doctrine, League… yet many of the *current* projects are some that are often thought of as “legacy” or not exactly best practice like Joomla or phpBB.


    To people who think they have no ability to work on something new:

    * `Promise` contract (Guzzle, WebOnyx [GraphQL], ReactPHP — all of them have different interfaces with small variations);
    * Typed properties for PHP 8 — many of them they can standardize: `@@Immutable`, `@@ReadOnly`, etc. are perfect replacement various `@pslam-immutable`, `@immutable` by different vendors (PhpStan, psalm, PhpStorm, etc.);
    * Deprecate `-Interface` suffixed interfaces and make alias via `class_alias()`: [sane names]( without BC breaks!
    * psalm/phan/PhpStan (?) introduced syntax for “generics”, but with vendor-specific stuff and with “legacy” phpdoc annotations, they can work on it for PHP 8 and framework-agnostic;
    * Sane DateTime API, maybe copy Java 8 model at least, because native model is just pathetic.
    * etc.


    How many are core PHP devs?


    PHP-FIG has served its purpose. It would be interesting to see them evolve towards a platform bridging the gap between internals and userland.


    IMO it had its time and place, but it’s not relevant anymore.


    Just take a look at the member projects and their reps. That’s the only relevant thing tbh. This is the thing ensuring adaption.


    Considering the main frameworks out there including Laravel and Symphony aren’t PSR compliant, I’d say it’s a useful learning tool, but that’s about it.


    No, it’s probably not anymore, but that’s just my personal opinion; nevertheless, it’s a community project and its leadership is undergoing elections at this very moment.
    You’re very free to get involved, try getting the major projects who left onboard again, and make it relevant as it once was.
    Or you could even start your own thing, although IIRC this has been attempted before, with no significant output that I know of.
    Talk is cheap.


    Yeah, still relevant. Don’t know any of people who work on it but seems good to me..


    I believe that PHP-FIG started to become a non-entity and losing key players/interest around the same time in 2016 when it decided to start virtue-signalling and establish a COC that in essence gave an entitled subsection the ability to silence and expel (either directly or thru “constructive dismissal”) passionate people.
    It’s run by self-aggrandizing arrogant spoiled children now, frankly that thump their chest about being a member.
    Attend a conference, you’ll clearly see what I mean.


    Died when they kicked its founder, u/pmjones and replaced him with SJWs.

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