[REQUEST] How to manage small chain stores

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    Good morning.

    I’m creating a website for a small chain of stores that will publish some (few) monthly coupon offers. My difficulty is that I don’t know how to manage filtered searches for stores, for example having a search done for all stores in a certain city, for all stores selling a product category, etc.. If I did this by creating individual pages I couldn’t do it. Nor I’m able to do this with Woocommerce because, for example, I don’t know how to associate a store map to that stores. Who gives me a suggestion? Thank you. Do I need a plugin?


    So… You’re looking to show inventory? If so, for a physical store, WordPress shouldn’t be used. You need a Point of Sale software in the stores with stock tracking, then a interface to see what is in stock at that site. I am sure you could make database calls then to import the data from that database.


    Maybe i didn t explaim.socgood.
    I oy need to have a group of store sites in different city. I should create one page for every store, bur I.also need to have a “filter” for.make the user select all the store in a certain city or all the stores that sell a certai.category of products. In addictio I need for every store sheet a map.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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