Shorter Attribute Syntax Change Vote Started Too Soon?

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    Shorter Attribute Syntax Change Vote Started Too Soon?


    Does this mean there is still time to change the namespace separator character for PHP 8? Nobody likes backslash so lets finally change it to something rational. Maybe developers will actually start using namespaces.


    Interesting mail =>

    Didn’t pay enough attention to the involved parties.

    Also not saying this is “true”, just interesting to observe.


    Aah, the constant and neverending bickering of the internals. I sometimes seriously wonder how you all ever get anything done.


    Yes, technically, the RFC isn’t exactly 2 weeks old, but at this point, the topic of the RFC has been thoroughly discussed over the past month or few. What more is there to discuss?

    This seems like being petty just for the sake of being petty to me.

    Let’s get this vote done so everyone can move on.

    Plus we’re already past feature freeze – the sooner the change (assuming there is one resulting from the vote) gets in and people start testing it with real code, the sooner any unexpected issues will be found (and we can then launch into another discussion on what syntax this feature should use)!

    And we really don’t need to export this drama from internals to r/php – this RFC / topic has already had quite a number of posts recently. Just post here when there’s actually something of worth to announce.


    Statement phrased as question?


    Is this the hill people want to die on?

    I get the feeling this a lot less about what syntax makes sense, and a lot more about individual pride and ego. The longer this goes on, the more everyone comes out of it looking stupid, with the wider PHP community the main loser and nobody the winner.


    Just pick something, anything, and run with it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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