Starting an IRC client for PHP based on Swoole

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    Starting an IRC client for PHP based on Swoole


    Over 20 years ago now, I started PHP-Egg with Linda Pederson (kill-9).

    By the time I was finished in 2004, I had made it fully support THE ENTIRE IRC RFC, including both a server and a client.

    This was back in the PHP 2 and 3 days (!!).

    I won some notariaty on the listserv back in the day for creating THE VERY FIRST long-running CLI -and- DAEMON:

    If it lost connection, even for a second, you could easily lose not just 1 but all of your @channel mod rights on Undernet, so I built it to be HOTPLUGGABLE:

    You coudl swap out EVERY BIT Of it except the first few 50 lines of code that also acted as ONE OF HTE VERY FIRST AUTOLOADERS, way way way way before __autoload() was a figment of the imagination of the core devs.

    Now how do you control an IRC bot? How do you let THOUSANDS of other people, across HUNDREDS of IRC channels across DOZENS of IRC networks (we supported EFNet, UnderNet, DALNet, Freenode back when it was OpenProjects)??

    Well, it supported listening for !channel triggers, direct /msg, DCC Chat, and then I got bored and added REALLY esoteric ways for communicating with a PHP daemon in the early 2000s:

    www, of course, but also, a brand new project called php/gtk+ (X11 UI), but then I added Telnet and a BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY called ssh via an alpha version of the php-ssh extension!


    So after Napster died in 1999 we took over a substantial amount of the Undernet MP3 filetrading scene. By 2001, my MySQL database had over A BILLION MP3s metadata (where to get what from whom and how) and I learned ALL ABOUT MySQL 3.23 data optimiszation and massive parallelizes of PHP 3-4.

    I ported it over the years all the way up, I believe, to PHP 5.6. If I remember correctly, it was `eregi()` that keeps it from working in 7.0 and higher, but it is a huge testiment that only a few functions keep it from working from PHP 3 thru 8.0…

    Anyway, it appears that the vast majority of my work in 2002 and 2003 got lost irretrievably with the dying of and where this project’s main development took place.

    Apparently, I never commited it back to SourceForge after I started xMule and moved repos.


    IRC huh? Wow that takes me back so many years! I started my programming career through IRC!

    Good job OP! Keep doing awesome stuff like that 🙂


    Nice, I wrote an IRC client myself back in the days. What do you work on now?

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