Still “Remove unused JavaScript” after trying WPFC, Autoptomize, Plugin Organizer, Asset Cleanup

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    My pagespeed insights for my landing page:

    has been giving “Remove unused JavaScript” as my top opportunity to improve my speed.

    I’ve tried several combinations of plugins to get it down. I’ve gotten it down quite a bit but can’t budge past 1 second of estimated savings. I’m currently running autoptimize to minify/ combine CSS/JS with WP Fastest cache for everything else. I’ve used Asset cleanup to remove unnecessary plugins from running on my landing page, and plugin organizer to cut out some code that somehow snuck through.


    I feel like I can’t be helping by throwing more plugins at the problem. What else can I try?


    I just started wp/basic js, but what i think is the problem is that most plugins rely on some bigger libraries or offer a lot of functionality for different use cases. So a lot of times, most of the functions provided in a file aren’t even used. But I think you would have to manually clean them up.
    That’s the advantage of writing you own code, where you only include the functions necessary.


    My experience says, it’s only possible with website build on custom code. Check out the performance of W3School pages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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