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    When I develop a new web site on WordPress from scratch I prefer to use the classic editor and create some metabox, through a plugin as ACF, to manage the others information that the pages need (es. images slider, text for a particular section ecc…).

    This approach, in my opinion, has the pro that the assets code are lighter than use a page builder/visual composer, cons the layout is entirely managed by code on the theme.

    I tried Gutenberg but it seemed to me “skinny”, in particular the columns/grids system.

    For this reason I continue to use metabox as explained above.

    What do you think about it? How do you develop themes from scratch? Is my approach totally wrong?


    Try our starter theme that uses Gutenberg.


    If you sign up for the beta, it sends you 3 themes based on the starter so you can see how it works, the core block for our system is a C9 Grid block–which helps with the issues you’ve described with columns and grids.

    I’d never develop a site using tons of fields and metaboxes again–our clients are happier with their visual editing, and our support requests are down 90% from our old theme that had a tons of settings and meta boxes.

    Happy to share anything since I helped make this beast.




    Run a few pagespeed tests on It’s usually in the 90s unless you start adding more imagery.

    Depending on your server, cdn and image resizing plug-ins, you should be able to get a pretty decent score.

    Good luck!


    I don’t get your question. You just described normal, professional process of theme development.
    If someone use page builders then that person is not a webdev but just another person without any skills creating just another shit. Keep going with your code and remember: is your friend! Have fun!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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