[GET] $14.95 WP-Speedezy WordPress Plugin + Bonus Plugins

[GET] $14.95 WP-Speedezy WordPress Plugin + Bonus Plugins Nulled

WP SpeedEZY is an All-In-One, Advanced WordPress Plugin that makes your sites Smoking Fast with Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse! It took care of everything for you. In the background, it activates the corresponding functions to carry out the required functionality so that you can experience a drastically improved website performance in the Front End.
Site Speed is Essential for Any Business’ Success. With all the hard work you have put into building your online presence through an attractive website, do you know that just one thing can bury it before it even has a chance? And that is SPEED.
Site Loading Speed actually plays an important in your conversions. Think about it…. How long are you willing to wait for a site to load before you decide to just move onto the next one? Not long, right Studies have shown that Site-Loading Speed of More Than 3 Seconds usually Results in About 47% of Visitors Bouncing off the Website. Moreover, 79% of Visitors Who Have Trouble loading a Page Won’t Return.
You and I know, it is very irritating when a site they’re trying to visit takes a century to load. But who bears the most pain and frustration? Is it your visitors? No… They’ll just press the back button. It’s you! The Owner! So, to keep about half of your visitors interested, you should speed up your WordPress. But that’s not the Only Problem. You are not just Losing Visitors and Sales Overnight (which by the way will sabotage your whole internet business). But also Making Google to Shut its Doors for You in the Top Spots of the SERPs!
Site Loading Speed is an Important Factor. Big Search Engines like Google consider while Ranking Websites in their Search Results. Yes, on-page SEO includes so many factors but the dominant and most-frequently neglected one is – Site Speed! It will all come down to this….Slow Sites leads to Poor User Experience which in turn Make Google to Shove Your Site at the Bottom of Search Results. And you’ll never get the traffic or conversions you deserve unless your site is displaying at the top of search results.
Remove WooCommerce Generator tag, styles, and scripts from non-WooCommerce pages.
Remove bbPress CSS styles and scripts from non-bbPress pages.
Force JavaScript to load in the footer.
Remove query string from static resources.
Remove all sorts of Head tags (10 different options can be selected).
Manually select and remove unwanted jetpack styles and functions (24 options).
Ability to remove comments.
Ability to remove empty p tags.
Option to remove Dash icons from the frontend (your WordPress admin panel will work 100%).
Force Remove URL Field From Comments.
Force Remove Comment Edit Links.
Force Remove Comment Logout Link.
Remove Jetpack Related Posts with WP SpeedEZY.
Powerful Cache Mechanism
Revamped Minification
Inline CSS and js minification
Choose and exclude files from minification.
Fully CDN supported.
Add Expire Header To Your .htaccess File.
Integrate Cache-Controll In Your .htaccess File.
Enable GZip Compression Via .htaccess File.
Help Facilitate Sending Gz-Encoded Data To Web Browsers.
Disable ETags Completely – Recommended By Google & Yahoo.
Remove Comment-Reply.Min.Js File.
Remove WP – Embed.Min.Js File.
Enable DEFLATE Lossless Data Compression (**Your Host Needs To Support It)
Support for Varnish cache. (**Your Host Needs To Support It)
Multiple Database backup/restore module
Save Database locally OR send via Zip to Email of choice
Complete list of System Information and loads etc.

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